If you do start making cheese, I recommend a Farmhouse Cheddar - or -At least striving 
for positivity in the knowledge of a limited time in which one can be productive. 
2014, with Gabrielle Amodeo, Michelle Beattie and Ena Kosovac. 
Pilot Gallery, in partnership with RAMP gallery and SPARK International Festival, 
Hamilton, NZ.

Daphne Simons, Accordions, [Digital Video Still].

Michelle Beattie, Something pretty for the windowsill.

Daphne Simons, Accordions.

Ena Kosovac, That'll learn me (previously known as Wall-Leaner)

Ena Kosovac, Butter Legs

Ena Kosovac, Two Halves Vase.

Michelle Beattie, A tea towel of my garden.

Ena Kosovac, Starchy.

Michelle Beattie, DIY table that comes apart for convenience and can be used again for future exhibitions.

Michelle Beattie, 5 weeks of making 122 meters of bunting.

Michelle Beattie, Orange door snake - 'Genie's' first project and it keeps the draught out.

Ena Kosovac, Feel Free.

Ena Kosovac, Longneck Risen (previously known as Longneck (2013)

Gabrielle Amodeo, 650,00 Hours

Gabrielle Amodeo, 650,00 Hours